Dragons Warriors – Dreigiau Rufelwyr

Dragons Warriors – Dreigiau Rufelwyr, features a selection of photographs, taken by South Wales based photographer, Nigel Whitbread, during the 2019 Homeless World Cup, which took place in Bute Park, Cardiff.

Dragons Warriors – Dreigiau Rufelwyr is now on show on the forecourt at Wrexham Museum.

Nigel describes the exhibition: “More than 500 players representing over 50 countries travelled to South Wales in 2019 to attend the week-long free festival of football which took place in Cardiff’s iconic Bute Park, right in the heart of the Welsh capital.

“The images contained in the exhibition aim to reflect at its core and represent a cross section of homeless people. How they are all, despite their differences, trying to overcome the isolation from the rest of society, and how taking part in the Homeless World Cup gives them a sense of empowerment and the knowledge that they are part of something bigger than themselves.”

“As you browse the pictures, I hope that you will not view the guy or girl on the street in a stereotypical way, as people in doorways asking for money, but simply as people who have no home to go to. Please appreciate that there is a story to be told about each one of them as to why they are where they are and to understand that there are ways people can change their situation for the better given the right support.”

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