Brick Built: Landmarks in LEGO® bricks

Landmarks in LEGO® bricks

18.02.2022 – 07.05.2022

To celebrate the historic connection between Wrexham and Lego® Wrexham Museum will be hosting Brick Built, a special * touring exhibition by Warren Elsmore of famous buildings, monuments and structures made from LEGO bricks.

The exhibition will include Warren’s LEGO museum containing models and products from the early years of the company up to the present day.  A highlight of the exhibition will be the model celebrating the ingenuity of our local World Heritage Site, the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct, created specifically for this exhibition.

Research is ongoing into the history of British Lego and Lego® on the Wrexham Industrial Estate and on the Ruthin Road site. If you worked at or were connected to these sites, please email

Image: Courtesy of Warren Elsmore.

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